Saturday Evening Study



Prayer Meeting

We invite you to join us, each Monday at 6pm, as we seek the heart of our God in corporate prayer. According to the book of Acts, the earliest church activity was prayer. Thousands of people, from completely different backgrounds, came together in one mind and one heart in prayer “with one accord” (Acts 1:14; 2:42–47).

We come together to pray first and foremost for God’s mercy, that He would revive His church, that He would bring about renewal of righteousness, that He would empower us to courageously purse Christ and sacrificially lay down our lives in service to the Saints. That we as a local body of Christ would boldly stand on the Word of God and proclaim His gospel to our families, friends, and those around us.

We pray for specific needs of those in our lives, and we pray for those that God has placed in authority over us. We have been commanded to pray without ceasing. Therefore, we invite and encourage you to join us as we seek our Lord’s face and worship Him in prayer.

If you're unable to join us in person but would still like to participate, use the CCL app to send us a message or contact us at and request the "ZOOM" information.

Week of Events


Sundays @ 10:00am

240 W 4th St
Loveland, CO 80537
PHONE: (970) 667-0321
FAX: (888) 806-0872
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