APPROVED Youth Group

CURRENTLY ON HOLD – There are two focuses into which all that CCL does must fall: Knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known. If any ministry, event or activity fails to achieve at least one of these two goals, it will not be considered.

Secondly, while CCL will never neglect God’s call for believers to minister “across the board” and “around the world,” we must weigh the cost (time, energy and money) of ever ministry decision made with a mind toward investing in reaching the youth of today with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, winning as many as possible to Christ, and equipping them to be the next generation to lead the Church of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

To do this, CCL will dedicate itself to praying for the youth of today, meeting them where they are, sharing our lives and building relationships with them that earn the right to speak into their lives, providing engaging, relevant, high-quality, Christ-proclaiming and Christ honoring activities and events, consistently proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, maintaining the centrality of the Word of God, unconditionally loving all youth God connects us with, investing in, nurturing and discipling them so that they grow in their love for Jesus Christ, in the grace and knowledge of Him, and into the young adults God intends them to be, taking their God-ordained place in the Body of Christ, knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known.